Carbon fiber – Yellow Strap
Carbon fiber – Black Strap
Carbon fiber – White Strap
Carbon fiber – Tiffany Strap
Carbon fiber – Red Strap
Carbon fiber – Orange Strap
Carbon fiber – Navy Strap
Carbon fiber – Green Strap
Carbon fiber – Gray Strap
Carbon fiber – Blue Strap
Titanium – Black Strap
Titanium – Yellow Strap
Titanium – White Strap
Titanium – Tiffany Strap
Titanium – Red Strap
Titanium – Orange Strap
Titanium – Navy Blue
Titanium – British Green
Titanium – Grey Strap
Titanium – Blue Strap
Ultra Case – Green Strap
Ultra Case – Gray Strap
Ultra Case – Black Strap
Ultra Case – White Strap
Ultra Case – Blue Strap
Ultra Case – Yellow Strap
Ultra Case – Tiffany Strap
Ultra Case – Red Strap
Ultra Case – Orange Strap
Ultra Case – Navy Strap

Mid-Night Jet Black Size 40

 800 $

“the closest thing to a black hole we’ll ever see”

Our super-black coating is up to hold the world record as the darkest man-made substance. It was originally developed for satellite-borne blackbody calibration systems, but its unique physical and optical properties have resulted in it finding to create the best readable watch dial.

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